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Michael Stimpfel

Director, Finance

Michael Stimpfel joined Turnaround for Children in 2020 as the Director of Finance. In his role, he is helping to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the organization and helping to ensure that all stakeholders have the financial tools available to make informed decisions.

Michael came to Turnaround from HOPE Credit Union, a CDFI focused on improving financial resources for low-wealth people and communities. There, he led HOPE’s Educational Lending Portfolio and supported facility financing for school districts and charter schools. Prior to this, Michael assisted in the design and founding of New Harmony High School, an XQ Super School, which educates children through the lens of coastal preservation and restoration. Michael began his career as an auditor with Ernst & Young, where he provided assurance services to public and private clients in a myriad of business services.

Michael is interested in the intersection of visual design and financial data; he believes there is great power in financial storytelling. Michael is a founding and active board member of unCommon Construction, is an alumna of the Education Pioneers Fellowship, holds a degree in Accounting from Tulane University, and is a proud transfer student of Pasadena City College.

What book has influenced you most?

Pedagogy of Freedom by Paul Freire. It was the first book I read by Freire and it encapsulates my view on what education should and could be, better than any other text. The book does a beautiful job diving into the dehumanizing educational practices of his day, practices that are still common today in the name of neoliberal pragmatism. In totality, the book is a beautiful tool of liberation for teachers and those who work in education.

What motivates you?

Learning and growing. Whether it is professionally or personally, I truly enjoy the process of overcoming challenges, testing my preconceived notions, and being challenged to approach situations with a different lens.

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