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We believe in the promise of public education.

Who We Are

Turnaround for Children advances key insights from educator practice, scientific research, and student experience so that together we can create equitable learning environments—settings that affirm the strengths, meet the needs, and fully develop the abilities of each and every young person.


The History of Turnaround for Children

Turnaround was founded in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, after a study co-authored by Dr. Pamela Cantor found more New York City school children traumatized by their experience of growing up in poverty than by what they had witnessed on that terrifying September day.

Turnaround’s vision is that each and every young person learns and develops in settings intentionally designed for them to thrive.


Engaged Students

Students highly engaged in learning with the skills to achieve to their full potential.


Equipped Educators

Teachers equipped with the practices to cultivate calm, engaging learning environments that foster healthy student development and academic achievement.


Safe, Supportive School Culture

Physically and emotionally safe schools that promote positive developmental relationships.


Nationwide Impact

Districts and schools across the country acknowledge the effects of adversity on learning, develop policies and use practices designed to address them.