Welcome to the Turnaround for Children Toolbox! Please tell us about your professional role so we can learn about our community and provide you with the most relevant tools and resources.

My role is:

Supporting Students and School Communities Through Crisis

Responding to Students’ Urgent Needs

Now, more than ever before, schools are charged with understanding the impact of trauma and working collaboratively to address and meet the needs of students and staff. Schools need to be prepared to address a variety of individual needs and barriers urgently with supports that are holistic, personalized, and culturally affirming to meet students where they are.

Integrated supports should systematically assess students’ comprehensive needs and strengths and coordinate resources in a unified and collaborative way, through a tiered supports system. A critical piece of this system is a crisis plan component that is responsive rather than just reactive, one that allows for students who are experiencing disruptions in their health, mood, behavior, and/or skill development to receive support immediately.



Tools for Setting up the Crisis Component

This set of 7 tools includes:

  • School Crisis Plan Rationale
  • Step-by-Step Guidance for Providing Crisis Level Supports to Students
  • Crisis Team Meeting Roles
  • A sample school Tiered Supports Crisis Plan
  • Universal Supports Following a Crisis (For school leaders, student support staff, and teachers)




Tools for Making a Crisis Referral

This set of 3 tools includes:

  • A sample Direct Referral Process (Tier 3)
  • Direct Referral Criteria (Tier 3)
  • A Direct Referral Form (Tier 3)





Tools for Collaborative Implementation

This set of 2 tools includes:

  • A Caregiver Interview
  • A Crisis Referral Tracker





Tools for Partnering with a Mental Health Agency

This set of 2 tools includes:

  • Guidance for Selecting a Mental Health Agency
  • Guidance for Partnering With a Mental Health Agency




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