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Professional Learning Services

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The Center for Whole-Child Education’s services are designed to leverage the science of learning and development and assist educators in applying key components of whole-child design to their unique contexts. Grounded in the Whole-Child Design Blueprint, these services support educators at all levels—from district and network leaders to classroom teachers and support staff—to develop and deliver systems, structures and practices that integrate social, emotional, and academic learning and supportsand create equitable learning environments where all students can thrive.

The Center provides a continuum of training, technical support, and consultation for educators to implement whole-child design from any entry point:

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Whole-Child Design Presentation

An introductory session that gives participants an overview of the science of learning and development as well as the core components of whole-child design.

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Whole-Child Design Series

A series of interactive sessions to take a deeper exploration into the key scientific principles and core practices of whole-child design.

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Whole-Child Improvement Network

A series of sessions that allow teams of school and district leaders to build on a knowledge of whole-child design, define problems of practice grounded in community needs, and apply learnings to move closer to holistic, integrated developmental practices.

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Whole-Child Design Academy

A self-directed online learning experience comprised of courses aligned with the core practices of whole-child design that prompt educators to adopt integrated developmental practices within their unique contexts.

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Tiered Supports Workshops

Participants explore the core science principles that undergird an effective tiered support system, learn elements of an effective system, and receive a wealth of practical ideas and resources for implementation.

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