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The 180 Podcast

Featuring leading voices in American education, health and child development, The 180 explores how to transform 21st century education using 21st century science. The science explaining how children actually learn and develop is incredibly optimistic about what is possible for each and every child. The 180 Podcast is hosted by Chris Riback of Good Guys Media and distributed by Turnaround for Children and Working Capital Review.


Dr. Shawn Ginwright: Four Pivots – A Pathway to Healing, Well-Being and Thriving

Anya Kamenetz: We Didn’t Prioritize Kids — COVID, The Stolen Year, and Where We Go Now

Pamela Cantor, M.D.: The Future of Smart—Using Science to Imagine a New Purpose and Design for Education

Todd Rose: How ‘Collective Illusions’ Hold Back Education – and How We Can Fix Them

Pamela Cantor, M.D.: 7 Tips for Talking to Children about Ukraine

Renee Prince: Educators as First Responders to the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Pamela Cantor, M.D.: State of Emergency in Adolescent Mental Health

LaShawn Routé Chatmon and Kathleen Osta: What Is an Equitable Learning Environment and How Can Your School Build One?

Student Voices: Fighting for an Inclusive Education System, featuring the National Equity Project

Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade: How to Build a School Where the Goal is Youth Wellness

Jeff Duncan-Andrade: The Purpose of Education Should Be Youth Wellness

Zaretta Hammond: How Teachers Can Become Personal Trainers of Cognitive Development

Zaretta Hammond: What is Culturally-Responsive Teaching?

Dan Cogan-Drew of Newsela — Helping Students Become Agents of Their Own Learning

P.S. 340: Getting to Know How Students Are Feeling and Functioning

Christina Theokas, Ph.D.: The Well-Being Index

Hal Smith: We Can’t Just Do the Same Things We’ve Always Done

John King: Getting Back to School Safely and Better

You Can’t Separate Character from Student Success, with Ron Berger & Laina Cox

When the Building is Closed but School is Open, with Ron Berger & Laina Cox

Margaret Beale Spencer: Unstacking The Deck—A Call for Candid Self-Interrogation About Identity (Part 2)

Margaret Beale Spencer: Where Resilience Comes From (Part 1)

Diane Tavenner: The Crucial Teacher, Parent and Child Relationship (Part 2)

Diane Tavenner: How Summit Schools is Helping Students Stay on Course During the Pandemic (Part 1)

Raising, Affirming and Protecting Black Sons: A Conversation with Tami Hill-Washington (Part 1)

Blackness and Whiteness in Schools: A Conversation with Tami Hill-Washington (Part 2)

Get Home Safe: Considering Race and Humanity in America with MenSa Ankh Maa

Michael Horn: A Time for Disruptive Innovation in Education

Sheila Ohlsson Walker, Ph.D.: A Recipe for Thriving in Stressful Times

How to Parent in a Pandemic: A Conversation With Pamela Cantor, M.D.

Coronavirus: Keeping Our Children And Ourselves Safe, With Pamela Cantor, M.D.

Jim Shelton: Education Innovation: Improving Opportunity, Equity and Outcomes

Jim is Chief Investment and Impact Officer at Blue Meridian Partners

Na’ilah Suad Nasir: Race, Identity and Equity in Education

Na’ilah is President of the Spencer Foundation

Karen Pittman: Learning Happens Everywhere

Karen is Co-Founder, President and CEO, The Forum for Youth Investment

Linda Darling-Hammond: Out of the Lab and into the Classroom

Linda is President and CEO, Learning Policy Institute and President, California State Board of Education

Todd Rose: Talent Is Everywhere

Todd is Co-Founder, Populace and Director, Laboratory for the Science of Individuality at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education

Dr. Pamela Cantor Introduces The 180

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