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Supporting Students and School Communities Through Crisis

Well-Being Index

Getting to know students deeply positions adults to better understand and act responsively toward how students are feeling and functioning.

The Well-Being Index (WBI) is a student self-reflection tool designed to help educators collect holistic data – physical, social, psychological and emotional well-being – systematically, directly, quickly and in real time. Collecting well-being data is something educators can incorporate into their daily practice and use to personalize student supports, interactions and experiences. This approach increases student voice, empowers students to own their stories, and invites them into the problem-solving process.



Online Version,
On Thrively

Turnaround for Children and Thrively have partnered to release a newly digitized version of the Well-Being Index on Thrively’s platform which facilitates ease of use both for students and teachers, access to dashboards with detailed data visualizations for individual students and the whole class.

The Well-Being Index can be taken daily or weekly by an entire class in 60 seconds via the Thrively online platform.




PDF Versions

These versions of the Well-Being Index are in fillable PDF format. They can either be printed and shared with students, or sent as a fillable PDF, which students can fill out and return (via email, google classroom, etc.).

  • An Educator Guide (PDF)
  • Elementary Well-Being Index (PDF)
  • Elementary Well-Being Index Scoring Tool (Excel)
  • Secondary Well-Being Index (PDF)
  • Secondary Well-Being Index Scoring Tool (Excel)
  • Scoring Tool User Guide (PDF)



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