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Assess and reflect to become more attuned and responsive educators


Whole-Child Design Inventory

Assess and reflect on your school’s alignment with whole-child design

For educators working to embed a whole-child purpose into a system which was not designed for it, a strong first step is to examine and reflect on how their existing structures and practices align with whole-child design principles, practices, structures and systems. The Whole-Child Design Inventories (WCDI) are a suite of measurement tools designed to prompt that reflection and spark new thinking by signaling specific high-leverage areas that research shows support healthy, whole-child development in educational settings. The WCDI tools are designed to support a long-term coordinated approach to intentionally develop and integrate practices that create supportive settings with rich and deep learning experiences and relationships.

  • The School WCDI is designed to help staff across a school community reflect on the existing conditions of their school and determine which key systems and practices are strengths and which may be important focus areas for improvement.
  • The Classroom WCDI supports teachers in applying a whole-child lens to their individual practice and prompt new thinking about the conditions they create in their classrooms. Indicators are reflective of practices, behaviors and action that occur in classrooms.
  • Finally, having a student-centered school means valuing and respecting students as active, contributing community members. The Student WCDI leverages the power of student voice by capturing students’ experiences of existing school conditions and educator practices, which can be different than those of the educators in the learning environment.

The Whole-Child Design Inventory: School Version is now available!  Get started below.

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The overview introduces the Whole-Child Design Inventory Suite — school, classroom and student versions. These tools are designed to help the school community reflect on the existing conditions of their school and determine which key systems and practices are strengths, and which may be important focus areas for improvement. The School version is now available on the Toolbox.


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Online Inventory Tool


Complete the Whole-Child Design Inventory: School Version now, using our online survey tool. Be sure to enter your email to receive your automated report.

Educator Guide


This educator guide introduces the purpose and use of the Whole-Child Design Inventory, provides detailed instructions on how to complete the inventory and score the data, how to review and reflect on your results, and next steps to consider.


Team Scoring Tool


This Excel tool can be used after multiple educators from your school have completed the inventory independently. The tool is a helpful way to synthesize your team’s data, see the big picture, and collaborate to identify strengths and challenges.



The Whole-Child Design Inventory is completed online through the Qualtrics survey platform and your data report will be automatically forwarded to the email address you provide. Your report should arrive in your inbox within a few minutes of clicking ‘submit’. If you do not receive your data report within 10 minutes of completing the survey, this may mean that the email containing your report has been flagged by your email-filtering software. This is most likely to occur when using a school district email address.

Please take the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check your spam or junk folder and search using the keywords “Turnaround”, “Whole-Child”, or “Qualtrics”
  2. Retrieving out-of-system, filtered emails from your system may require you to reach out to your system administrator to get specific instructions.
  3. If you still experience issues retrieving your report, please email toolbox@tfcusa.org and use the subject line “WCDI Report Question”
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