How We Measure Results

In order to track the implementation and measure the impact of Turnaround’s work, we collect data at three different levels: student, classroom and school-wide.


Turnaround seeks to track the extent to which students are connected with services and the extent to which those services result in improved functioning for the students served.  Accordingly, we use various measures of:

  • The scope and nature of services received by students;
  • The rates of parental consent for services (where required);
  • The extent to which recommended services are completed (service persistence and completion);
  • Standardized measures of student functioning completed by teachers and outside mental health providers; and
  • School records of academic achievement.


Turnaround seeks to measure the extent to which classrooms are productive environments for teaching and learning.  We survey both teachers and students and carry out classroom observations.  For classroom observations, we use the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), developed over 10 years by Robert Pianta and his colleagues in the NICHD Early Child Care Research Network, National Center for Early Development and Learning, and Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning.   CLASS is widely acknowledged to be the “gold standard” in observing teacher-student interactions and assessing the effectiveness of classroom management and levels emotional and instructional support for students.


Turnaround seeks to measure the extent to which schools are calm, safe and orderly environments where there is a positive professional community among the adults and students have high levels of academic engagement and achievement.  To measure these, we currently look at:

  • Data available from schools and districts, such as:
    • Number of calls by schools for emergency services (911);
    • Levels of student and teacher attendance;
    • Behavioral data;
  • Perceptions of staff, parents and students through surveys, interviews and focus groups; and
  • Scores on statewide, standardized tests.