Our Policy Work

Turnaround is a sought-after adviser to federal officials and policy leaders on issues of education reform. Turnaround has presented briefings to members of Congress and congressional staff as well as to leadership of the Department of Education and Department of Justice on innovative strategies for transforming high-poverty, low-performing schools. In fall 2011, the Education Committees in both the House and Senate asked Turnaround to define the universal attributes and accountabilities of a high-performing school and a successful external transformation partner. Turnaround has also partnered with policy organizations and thought leaders in Washington, DC in listening sessions attended by Federal officials. Turnaround staff has contributed to the public dialogue on education reform through numerous presentations and publications.

In August 2010, Turnaround’s Founder and President, Dr. Pamela Cantor, presented a briefing to the Aspen Institute Congressional Forum. CLICK HERE to read a copy of the paper presented at the briefing, “Innovative Designs for Persistently Low-Performing Schools: Transforming Failing Schools by Addressing Poverty-Related Barriers to Teaching and Learning.”

Dr. Pamela Cantor currently represents Turnaround on the national America Forward Education Coalition Steering Committee.