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News and Opinion Jul 10, 2019

A Different Approach To Conferences: EdSurge Features Turnaround for Children and Pamela Cantor, M.D.

EdSurge / antalogiya / Shutterstock

In a blog post in EdSurge, Pam Moran highlights Turnaround for Children and the organization’s founder, Pamela Cantor, M.D., who gave the keynote address at EdSurge’s Fusion Conference in 2018:

Our team was also riveted by the opening keynote on the effect of trauma on students by Dr. Pam Cantor, who started Turnaround for Children. We were so impressed that we invited her to be a featured speaker at an event we later ran back in Virginia. She brought with her a school principal who is building out a similar program in Washington. That gave us both the 30,000-foot overview of the topic and an on the ground view to show what it looks like to build a school environment based around trauma care. Getting to know these and other speakers proved to be a “shot in the arm” for our Virginia team for different reasons.

Moran goes on to quote Andrea Whitmarsh, a superintendent from Greene County, WV, who attended Dr. Cantor’s talk at EdSurge Fusion:

“Many things came together for me” at Fusion, says Whitmarsh. “From the initial keynote with Pamela Cantor, it became clear that if we didn’t attend to all the needs of the learner (whole child), deep learning for all would not take place.”

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