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News and Opinion May 10, 2021

America Forward Features Turnaround in Weekly Tip Sheet

America Forward highlighted the new book, “Whole-Child Development, Learning, and Thriving: A Dynamic Systems Approach“, in their Weekly Tip Sheet for May 3rd.

The book is written by Turnaround for Children Founder and Senior Science Advisor Pamela Cantor M.D. and Turnaround Chief of Staff and Vice President, Strategy and Operations Nora Gomperts, along with Richard Learner, Karen Pittman and Paul Chase. Read the forward by Todd Rose here.

From the Tip Sheet:

Turnaround for Children’s Pam Cantor and Nora Gomperts, alongside Richard Lerner, Karen Pittman, and Paul Chase, recently released a book, “Whole-Child Development, Learning, and Thriving: A Dynamic Systems Approach.” It is available for free download until May 19, 2021. The book explores “whole-child development, learning, and thriving through a dynamic systems theory lens that focuses on the United States and includes an analysis of historical challenges in the American public education system, including inequitable resources, opportunities, and outcomes.”

The Weekly Tip Sheet spotlights America Forward Coalition members doing vital work to support communities across the country.

Read the full Tip Sheet here.