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News and Opinion Aug 27, 2019

Amy Nicholson of Turnaround for Children Presents at LEAP InnovatED Summit

Turnaround for Children’s Amy Nicholson presented at the LEAP InnovatED Summit 2019 in Chicago, IL. Her presentation, “The Power You Carry: How to Become A Brain Builder to Help All Children Thrive,” used real-world examples, grounded in science, to explain that by understanding and addressing the impact of adversity on learning, we can put all children on a path toward healthy development and academic achievement. Schools can be designed to become supportive, trustful environments for children, where they develop the skills and mindsets that are requisite for success in school, work and life. She offered strategies for educators to build equitable classrooms that can truly personalize learning for all students, focusing on the power educators can have to create the contexts for children to get back on the pathway to healthy development.

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