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News and Opinion Mar 30, 2017

Turnaround’s Building Blocks featured in Aspen Institute paper: This Time, With Feeling

This Time, With FeelingWritten by Hillary Johnson, Ed.D., and Ross Wiener, This Time, With Feeling: Integrated Social and Emotional Development and College- and Career-Readiness Standards presents an approach to defining social and emotional development (SED), provides a summary of the research on SED and illustrates the connection between college- and career-readiness standards and expectations and SED. The paper highlights Turnaround’s K. Brooke Stafford-Brizzard and Pamela Cantor, M.D., and features Turnaround’s Building Blocks for Learning Framework. Here is an excerpt:

“The link between SED and achieving CCR standards is also a matter of equity. To genuinely engage and persevere in intellectual risk-taking, students need strong SED competencies. K. Brooke Stafford-Brizard, an adviser for Turnaround for Children, an organization that applies findings from neuroscience to develop tools for academic improvement in high poverty schools, argues that “many children, particularly those who grow up in adversity, need additional supports for nonacademic development.” Stafford-Brizard writes that “these young people are often labeled with learning disabilities or behavioral disorders when, in fact, they may be missing foundational skills for learning” that can be acquired through deliberate instructional strategies.”

Read the full paper on the Aspen Institute’s website.