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P.S. 226: Building Schoolwide Systems and Structures to Support Student Learning and Development

For two years, Turnaround for Children had the pleasure of working with the Nadia J. Pagan Elementary School (P.S. 226) in the Bronx. During that time, Turnaround worked closely with the school’s leaders, teachers and community-based mental health providers to establish schoolwide systems and structures that helped create a safe and supportive environment for learning. Through professional development trainings, Turnaround also introduced the school’s staff to the science of learning and development and the power of positive adult-student relationships.

“The professional development from Turnaround has been phenomenal,” remarked Principal Gloria Darden. “They’ve taken us from the big picture to the smaller picture, from the general sense of what’s behavior management to the small amount with how do you work with this one specific child.”

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