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News and Opinion Mar 4, 2019

Center for Youth Wellness Stress Health Blog Features “How Learning Happens”

Stress Health, an initiative of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’s Center for Youth Wellness that offers practical tips to parents and caregivers to help heal and protect children, wrote about Edutopia’s “How Learning Happens” video series, which features Turnaround for Children and Pamela Cantor, M.D., in their blog.

The article, “Helping Students Overcome Toxic Stress Through Science-Based Teaching Practices,” describes the video series with an emphasis on the lens of adverse childhood experience. According to Stress Health:

“Best of all, the teaching practices that the videos showcase are not expensive. They don’t require grants or expensive technology. And they can be easily incorporated in almost any school or home. Kids need trust, safety and a feeling of connection to thrive in school and in life. And as the series demonstrates, even a daily hug or high five from a teacher can make a difference.”