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For too many students, the odds are against them.

Here is a hypothetical classroom of 30 children based on current U.S. demographics:*

7 live in poverty

6 aren't being raised by their biological parents

1 is homeless

6 are victims of abuse

6 don't speak English as their first language

11 are non-white

*Aisha Sultan, The Atlantic, December 2, 2015

The COMPLEXITY of today's classrooms often poses RISKS AND CHALLENGES that many teachers, school leaders and the public education system as a whole are NOT PREPARED to address.

TURNAROUND FOR CHILDREN translates neuroscientific research into tools and strategies that address these risks and challenges.

Cytokines and Cortisol

Prefrontal Cortex


Nucleus Accumbens


In order to accelerate healthy development and academic achievement for all students, science demonstrates that schools must:

Establish a calm, safe and predictable ENVIRONMENT for learning.

From 2011-14, Turnaround partner schools saw 49% and 42% DECLINES in suspensions and severe incidents.

Teach students how to develop the SKILLS and MINDSETS essential for school and life.

New York Times bestselling author Paul Tough featured Turnaround’s research on essential skills and mindsets in  his latest book, “Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why.”

Turnaround trains and supports teachers and administrators in high-poverty schools and is building tools that can be shared with schools across the country.

Instead of asking children to BEAT THE ODDS, with your support, we can use science to CHANGE THE ODDS and unleash the potential of every child.

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