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Turnaround for Children is partnering with The Chicago Public Education Fund (The Fund) during the 2019-20 school year.

Turnaround will provide support to three school teams through The Fund’s South Side Education Alliance (SSEA pilot) a collaboration with four program providers, designed for schools in the Bronzeville/South Lakefront and Greater Stony Island communities. This group provides supports that align with principal, teacher, student and community needs.

By training and coaching school leaders in SSEA, Turnaround will equip nearly one hundred educators to create healthy learning environments and catalyze academic success for approximately 1,000 students in Chicago Public Schools this year.

Schools Reached 2019-20: Professional Learning Series

School Grade
Ashe Elementary K-8
Burke Elementary PK-8
Beethoven Elementary PK-8
  • K-8

  • PK-8

  • PK-8

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