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News and Opinion May 7, 2021

Christina Theokas Discusses How To Implement Whole-Child Design on the Getting Smart Podcast

Turnaround for Children Chief Applied Science Officer, Christina Theokas, was a guest on the Getting Smart podcast.

Hosted by Tom Vander Ark, the two spoke about Theokas’ introduction to whole-child development, her work with Turnaround on whole-child design, and how this approach integrates academic and social and emotional learning. In discussing how educators can implement whole-child design in their practice, Theokas pointed toward the Turnaround for Children Toolbox as a resource:

“Educators are eager to learn new things, they’re eager to improve their practice, they’re thinking about the holistic development of kids—but where do they start? And so the Toolbox is meant to be a place where they can start.”

Theokas went on to give details on the types of resources found within the Toolbox, as well as additional resources for educators, including the Well-Being Index and Tiered Supports.

Listen to the full episode here.