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The 180 Podcast Mar 20, 2020

Clips From The 180 Podcast: Coronavirus: Keeping Our Children And Ourselves Safe, With Pamela Cantor, M.D.

Listen to the complete episode here.

#1 — Coronavirus: 6 Tips for Parents

The coronavirus is producing a lot of anxiety, stress and worry for everyone. What happens to our bodies when we are under stress? How can parents restore a sense of safety for their children in such trying times? Here are 6 tips from Pamela Cantor, M.D., Turnaround Founder and Senior Science Advisor.

#2 — Coronavirus: Signs of Children Under Stress

There are signs that children are under stress that everyone can learn to recognize. But children respond to stress in different ways depending on their individual histories. Here’s what to look for according to Dr. Cantor.

#3 — Coronavirus: Finding a Vaccination for Stress

Life as we know it has been upended; schools, churches, theaters, stadiums and businesses closed. Children miss their teachers and their peers and their normal routines. So how are we going to create new ways for young people to be safe, safe physically to be sure, but also emotionally during such stressful times? How can children help? Here are some ideas from Dr. Cantor.

#4 — Coronavirus: Do the Right Thing

We know we are supposed to practice social distancing and scrupulous hygiene to protect ourselves and others from coronavirus. But knowing what’s right and doing the right thing are not the same, especially when it comes to children. Dr. Cantor explains why.

#5 — Coronavirus: Restoring a Child’s Sense of Safety

How to help children know that one day, they and we will be okay again. There are several ways, says Dr. Cantor.

#6 — Coronavirus: Our North Star

Everyone has a super power to help children through this crisis, says Dr. Cantor. We have to look to our North Star.

To supplement the insights and advice offered by Dr. Cantor on this episode, Turnaround has created a coronavirus pandemic resource page.