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Our Core Values


Together, we can change the odds.


Rather than trying to beat the odds, we boldly seek to change the odds, creating a more equitable education system where all children attend schools that prepare them for the lives they choose. We believe that equity is a shared experience where we meet the needs of others in addition to our own. Whether through our direct impact in partner schools or our systemic impact across the country, we believe that by working collaboratively and intentionally seeking out partners we can achieve greater impact.

We promote inclusivity and foster strong relationships, taking responsibility both individually and collectively for the impact we seek to achieve. We assume positive intent — in every interaction, with everyone we encounter. We make time to listen and hear what others are saying. In our efforts to catalyze healthy development and achievement for all students we also seek to provide equitable opportunities for our colleagues, thereby contributing to a society where everyone gets what they need to grow, develop and thrive.