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Our Core Values

We inquire, we learn, we innovate, we share.


Our work is grounded in research that demonstrates the ability to use scientific understanding and methodologies to design practices that help cultivate the potential in all of us. We see through a lens of inquiry, always asking why and why not. We are data-driven: we value objectivity and hold ourselves to high standards of accountability and transparency. We learn from others and leverage emerging research across disciplines. We learn from our experiences through intentional evaluation, building on our progress by recognizing and addressing areas of strength and need.

We ask the hard questions. We value the free flow of information, exercising clarity and thoughtfulness in how we share and solicit feedback. We embrace change and adaptation and understand that support for one another is necessary to manage change successfully. We create safe spaces where well-intentioned missteps are buffered with encouragement. We dedicate time and space for reflection. We are curious, creative and joyful about learning. We are optimistic. We are willing to take calculated risks. We introduce new ideas, tools and strategies to understand and address the challenges we encounter. We share what we learn, strategically, with each other and with the world.