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Our Core Values


We interact with understanding and act with integrity.


We operate with respect, value and care for others. We show up, follow-through and keep our commitments. We do what we say we are going to do and if we can’t, we speak up, own the barriers and adjust our actions. We demonstrate respect through transparent, timely and honest communication, including when communicating about decision-making, objectives, and roles and responsibilities.

We are intentional about fostering relational trust in all aspects of our work through building social respect, personal regard, high competence and integrity. We do this by approaching others with patience and belief in their positive intent, in order to learn from and support each other. Doing so allows us to arrive at a better place, even through disagreement. We listen with empathy and communicate in a way that acknowledges and is sensitive to others while demonstrating humility. We trust each other with the truth and ask for what we need. We recognize, appreciate and leverage the expertise of others, while maintaining high expectations and setting realistic goals. We hold each other accountable for living our core values.