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Our Core Values


We seek diverse perspectives and confront uncomfortable truths.


As we serve schools and communities, we operate with the understanding that America’s educational system does not provide equal opportunity for all children. Specifically, students of color continue to bear the burden of systemic oppression. Therefore, we actively seek to understand our own biases and privileges pertaining to race, culture, class and experience. We believe that having an understanding of our own prejudices and unearned advantages can have an impact on our work and the success thereof.

We are committed to intentionally creating opportunities to deeply understand ourselves as well as each other and use those understandings to inform how we operate, both internally and externally. Eliciting different perspectives, including those of the communities we serve, is of high importance to how we make decisions as an organization, and we truly believe that there is strength in difference. As a result, we communicate with bravery and confront even the most difficult conversations — naming those things that may be hindering all of us from operating at our full potential.