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News and Opinion Mar 11, 2022

Getting Smart Article on Students Co-Authoring Learning Experiences Highlights Turnaround Resources

Image credit: Getting Smart

Resources and research findings from Turnaround for Children were featured in the article, “Students Co-Authoring Their Own Learning,” on Getting Smart.

Written by Tom Vander Ark, the article details the importance of having students co-create their own learning experiences, noting increases in motivation and engagement while developing agency and problem-solving skills. The author highlights Turnaround’s Building Blocks for Learning as an example of the high-level skills students are capable of learning and how co-authoring empowers them to develop such skills. The article also mentions the Design Principles for Schools playbook, highlighting the conditions needed for students to thrive, including providing opportunities for rich learning experiences and the importance of positive developmental relationships. The article goes on to feature examples of co-authored experiences schools have implemented.

This article was originally published in the School Administrator Magazine. Read the full article here.