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News and Opinion Sep 21, 2020

Getting Smart Highlights Turnaround Tools for Responding to Crisis Within A Tiered Supports System

Turnaround for Children’s recently-released resource collection, the Responding to Crisis With A Tiered Supports System Action Pack, was featured in an article by Getting Smart. 

The article, written by Eric Nentrup, reflects on the combination of crises facing students this school year, highlighting the tiered supports approach and specific tips for developing a school crisis plan

From the article:

The Responding to Crisis Action Pack draws from other Turnaround resources, such as their Building Blocks for Learning, which provides a prioritization of the skills, habits, and knowledge that propel a student’s development. It also aligns with their Vision for School and Student Success, which focuses on creating the sort of school environment for those elements to be fostered.

Read the full article here.