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News and Opinion Feb 21, 2019

New Publication on Implications for Educational Practice from The Science of Learning and Development

A new publication in the peer-reviewed journal Applied Developmental Science continues the work of the Science of Learning and Development Initiative by sharing implications for school and classroom practices. Co-authored by Linda Darling-Hammond, Lisa Flook and Channa Cook-Harvey (from the Learning Policy Institute); Brigid Barron (Stanford University); and David Osher (American Institutes for Research), the article, “Implications for Educational Practice of the Science of Learning and Development,” shares findings from an emerging scientific consensus outlined in a recent synthesis of the research that was co-authored by Turnaround Founder and Senior Science Advisor, Pamela Cantor, M.D.

Situated in a developmental systems framework, the new Applied Developmental Science paper synthesizes “evidence from the learning sciences and several branches of educational research regarding well-vetted strategies that support the kinds of relationships and learning opportunities needed to promote children’s well-being, healthy development, and transferable learning.”

The paper includes a review of research about individual variability, the impact of adversity, and resilience, with the goal of supporting schools to “enable all children to find positive pathways to adulthood.”

Read the paper here.