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News and Opinion Nov 4, 2013

John Legend tells Manhattan Magazine why he supports Turnaround for Children

John Legend with Turnaround for Children

In the November 2013 issue of Manhattan Magazine, the article Goodwill Hunting looks at prominent New Yorkers and the organizations they support. John Legend speaks about his involvement with Turnaround for Children:

“Our children are our country’s greatest national resource, yet our educational system isn’t providing all the tools they need to achieve. And we owe our children more – every student, regardless of race of ZIP code, deserves a quality education.

I saw Turnaround for Children working to provide just that, which is why I got involved in 2011. A few components of the organization’s approach particularly struck me. The first is its unique understanding of how the entire school and community culture can affect the achievement of each individual child.”

Read the full article here.