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News and Opinion Jun 2, 2019

KQED MindShift Quotes Pamela Cantor, M.D. on Strategies Schools Can Use To Become More Trauma-Informed


MindShift, a multimedia production of San Francisco NPR affiliate KQED News, again highlighted practices from Edutopia’s How Learning Happens in a blog article by Katrina Schwartz (MindShift previously featured the series on their blog earlier this year).

A new post, “Strategies Schools Can Use To Become More Trauma-Informed,” includes a quote from Dr. Cantor taken from the Edutopia video “Knowing Every Child Through Index Card Rosters:”

“We don’t only want to be talking about the kids that disrupt a class, which is very often the case,” said Dr. Pamela Cantor, founder and senior science advisor for Turnaround for Children. “We want to talk about every child and be able to see what every child needs.”

Acording to MindShift, “A formalized teacher practice like this one, with norms that assume the best in students, helps school staff work as a team to support students, no matter their needs.”