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News and Opinion Dec 12, 2019

California Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris Notes Turnaround for Children As Successful Model

Credit: Blue Shield of California

In the Education Dive article “Schools ramp up efforts to prevent, reduce impact of adverse childhood experiences,” California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris notes Turnaround for Children as a successful model for addressing trauma and adversity in students.

The article, written by Linda Jacobson, highlights the increasing demand for professional development and consultation to help educators better understand and respond to trauma in schools. Several healthcare experts were interviewed for the article, including Burke Harris, who has been a leading advocate for universal adverse childhood experience (ACE) screening of children before they reach school, supported by trauma-informed practices in school.

“Burke Harris agreed screenings lead to questions about how schools can adequately respond. That’s where programs like RISE and BlueSky come in, she says. She also noted the work of the Center for Wellness and Achievement in Education in San Francisco and Turnaround for Children in New York City as examples of successful models of addressing trauma and adversity in children.”

The article focuses on the new program by Kaiser Permanente called Resilience in School Environments (RISE). RISE aims to “provide on-site and virtual resources to schools focused on the social and emotional health of both students and school staff members, with plans to reach 25,000 schools by 2023.”

Read the full article here.