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News and Opinion May 7, 2021

New Book from Pamela Cantor, M.D. and Colleagues for Cambridge University Press on Whole-Child Development, Learning, and Thriving Now Available


The newly released book, “Whole-Child Development, Learning, and Thriving: A Dynamic Systems Approach,” written by Turnaround for Children Founder and Senior Science Advisor, Pamela Cantor, M.D., along with Richard LernerKaren PittmanPaul Chaseand Turnaround Chief of Staff, Nora Gomperts, is now available.

The book makes a case for using 21st century science to design a 21st century education system that reveals the boundless potential of all children. The authors dig deeply into the science to explain how children develop through a system of dynamic relationships and the collective set of contexts that they experience across their life spans. They name and challenge the fallacies that drove the design of the 20th century education system and propose a new purpose for a 21st century education system – creating environments in which all children can thrive. The book also:

  • Presents a new approach to measurement that captures the individuality and potential of each child
  • Elevates the work and wisdom of scholars of psychology, education, human development, race, culture, individuality, and measurement
  • Offers examples of organizations applying the principles of whole-child design; and
  • Highlights perspectives from leaders, including Linda Darling-Hammond, Margaret Beale Spencer, David Osher, Brooke Stafford-Brizard, and Na’ilah Suad Nasir

You can read the forward by Todd Rose here or order a physical copy.