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Blog Sep 13, 2021

New Playbook from Forum for Youth Investment in Partnership with Turnaround and Learning Policy Institute: Design Principles for Community-Based Settings

Design Principles for Community-Based Settings: Putting the Science of Learning and Development Into Action is now available. This new playbook was created by the Forum for Youth Investment, in partnership with the Learning Policy Institute and Turnaround for Children, and in association with Science of Learning and Development (SoLD) Alliance.

Like Design Principles for Schools: Putting the Science of Learning and Development into Action, this new playbook is a product of the Design Principles project, which synthesized what is known from the science of learning and development into key elements that need to be present and integrated in order to optimize learning and development: the Essential Guiding Principles for Equitable Whole-Child Design. This playbook offers framing for how to think about these principles outside the classroom, in the context of the diverse structures and and complex array of programs, organizations and and institutions operating in the “community” space.

In the playbook you’ll find an exploration of community-based learning settings, discussions on each of the key design principles and a guide for enabling the conditions needed to accelerate the implementation of equitable whole-child design across the learning ecosystem.

Download the Design Principles for Community-Based Settings playbook here. 

Explore the Design Principles for Schools and Community Settings interactive website.