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News and Opinion Nov 5, 2020

Non-Negotiables for Whole-Child Design in American Youth Policy Forum Blog

Turnaround for Children President and CEO Brigid Ahern was recently cited in a blog post on “The Importance of Healing-Centered Afterschool Programs in the COVID-19 Era” by the American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF).

The blog focuses on how afterschool programs can help young people manage pandemic-related stress. In discussing how to foster supportive relationships and create trusting environments, the blog cites the Afterschool Alliance webinar , “Caring for Children and Youth in Crisis,” featuring Ahern. During the webinar, Ahern shared the 5 Non-Negotiables for While-Child Design, which serves as a model for what those relationships and environments look like in an afterschool setting, as well as a foundation for approaches that allow students to heal and thrive.

Read the full blog here.