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News and Opinion Nov 2, 2020

Pamela Cantor, M.D. Mentioned in Forbes Blog by Tom Vander Ark

Image credit: Forbes/Tom Vander Ark

Turnaround for Children Founder and Senior Science Advisor, Pamela Cantor M.D. was mentioned in the Forbes article, “We Build Boring Schools, Then We Put Them Online–Science Has The Fix” written by Tom Vander Ark.

Explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the inequities and inadequacies of the American education system, the article states that now is the opportune time to make adjustments and improve the learner experience.

The article cites research and insights from the SoLD Alliance and its founders, including Cantor, Linda Darling-Hammond, Karen Pittman, Todd Rose, and David Osher. Building relationships, understanding context and eight other factors were offered as strategies to improve learner experience and the school system as a whole.

Read the full article here.