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News and Opinion Jul 11, 2018

Pamela Cantor, M.D. on Jim Shelton’s Decision to Leave the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

It would be impossible for me to overstate the magnitude of what the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has established under Jim Shelton’s leadership. CZI has laid out a vision for how education in the United States can be designed to develop learners and realize the fullest expression of each and every child’s potential. It is a bold vision, grounded in the science of learning and development and an understanding of how children develop into productive, engaged and creative learners. Jim has galvanized a field transformation that deliberately nurtured multi-disciplinary collaboration and integration in service of authentic equity and opportunity for all children. He has helped to illuminate the impact of trauma and adversity on children’s lives, and the effects of environmental context more broadly, always with an eye toward positioning schools to enable children to grow and learn no matter their start in life.

Jim Shelton has done much to champion the cause and mission of Turnaround for Children. Turnaround is committed to advancing the vision that Jim brought to life at CZI alongside April Chou, Bror Saxberg, Brooke Stafford-Brizard, Jessica Tsang and other members of the truly talent-packed team that he assembled. We will all work together to achieve the goal that Jim has guided us toward: to ensure that all children in this nation are given the opportunity to thrive.

Thank you, Jim.

-Pamela Cantor, M.D.