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News and Opinion Apr 27, 2021

Pamela Cantor M.D. Speaks at Education Week & Campaign for Grade Level Reading Webinar

Turnaround for Children Founder and Senior Science Advisor Pamela Cantor M.D. spoke at the webinar, “The Fall K-3 Classroom: What the Data Imply About Composition, Challenges and Opportunities.”

Hosted by Education Week and The Campaign for Grade Level Reading, the webinar explored the challenges and opportunities facing K-3 classrooms this fall. Cantor and fellow speakers offered innovative options to assist teachers, school leaders and parents in navigating this new reality.

When asked how COVID-19 impacted the way we think about student learning, Cantor discussed the important role of context in brain development:

“If we optimize the design of context, we optimize the possibility that our young people will not only catch up and recover from the effects of this year, but we will have created a big down payment on the learning settings we need to build for our, and their, futures. It’s as simple as that.”

Cantor went on discuss the best example of positive context: supportive relationships that help mitigate the impact of stress and build resilience. Cantor advised using this moment as an opportunity to redesign learning environments to be centered around context and relationships, using whole-child design to reveal the potential of all young people.

The webinar is now available to view on-demand.