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News and Opinion Nov 10, 2021

Pamela Cantor M.D. Speaks at Newsela Webinar with Zaretta Hammond and Dan Cogan-Drew

Turnaround for Children Founder and Senior Science Advisor Pamela Cantor M.D. spoke at the webinar, “Reimagining the role of the teacher in K-12 education: Focusing on students’ competence, confidence and growth,” presented by Newsela.

Joined by author and teacher educator Zaretta Hammond and Newsela co-founder Dan Cogan-Drew, the group discussed the biological basis of student motivation and engagement, designing curriculum to incentivize teacher and student growth, and reconciling edtech applications with foundational principles of learning science. Cantor dove deep into the science of learning and motivation and shared how to use whole-child design to optimize learning contexts to help students catch up and build the learning settings needed for the future.

Watch a recording of the webinar here.