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News and Opinion Jul 23, 2015

Read about Turnaround for Children in Social Justice Solutions

Social Justice SolutionsElizabeth Prewitt’s article in Social Justice Solutions provides a great recap of the Council of the District of Columbia’s Education Public Roundtable on The Value of Investing in Trauma-Informed Public Schools and Support Services. The purpose of this roundtable was to learn more about the importance of trauma-informed schools and environments and address the following questions: “How do we identify students affected by trauma? What exactly does it mean to be trauma-informed? What types of existing services and trainings are available to students and school-based staff in this regard? How can the District of Columbia better coordinate and improve mental health services for students?”

Executive Director, Washington, D.C. Mike Lamb testified at the roundtable on behalf of Turnaround for Children. Read the full article here.