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News and Opinion Sep 22, 2021

Research from Turnaround Cited in Forbes Article on Science of Learning and Relationships

Image credit: Forbes

Research from Turnaround for Children was shared in the Forbes article, “Why We Must Look To The Science Of Learning To Strengthen Student-Teacher Relationships.”

Written by Leap Innovations Founder and CEO, Phyllis Lockett, the article explores how disrupted relationships due to the pandemic and not just loss of instructional time contribute to unfinished learning and the significant increase in stress and anxiety in young people.

Citing the importance of relationships in learning and development, the article links to research from Turnaround on the brain chemistry related to stress and positive developmental relationships:

For instance, research demonstrates that one of the strongest predictors of resilience for children is the presence of at least one supportive, caring adult relationship. Positive relationships increase oxytocin, a “love hormone,” and reduce cortisol, a “stress hormone,” calming the brain and helping students engage more deeply in learning.

Read the full article here.