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Blog Jul 1, 2022

How to Take Action and Talk to Children about Abortion and Reproductive Rights

A woman talks to a teenage girl

Last week, the Supreme Court overturned the nearly 50-year-old ruling that provided access to safe abortions. This ruling threatens the rights of our children, our educators, and our communities.

This decision is about more than just abortion access; it’s about health equity, racial justice, and the future of our children. Inequities in our healthcare system and access to safe abortion already disproportionately impact people of color, and this ruling will exacerbate that impact.

The ripple effects of this decision will be felt in every classroom and every school hallway—from jeopardizing the creation of the safe and supportive environments necessary for learning and thriving to making it more difficult to support an already stressed, overworked, and shrinking workforce of educators. Students might not be able to get the healthcare they need; students might be afraid to talk to adults in schools, interfering with the relationships that we know are critical for thriving; educators might be unsure about the ways they can support students or even what they’re allowed to say in the classroom.

Turnaround staff has gathered resources on taking action and talking to children about abortion and reproductive health.