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Turnaround for Children acts as a catalyst for change, addressing the challenges that affect any school facing adversity, particularly those in high-poverty communities. Turnaround offers a suite of services that address the needs of a diverse set of educators – from teachers to system leaders.

School Innovation Partnership

Turnaround partners with individual schools, embedding a team to build sustainable, healthy conditions for learning and development. Using a diagnose and prescribe method, Turnaround develops a whole-school improvement strategy, working closely with the school’s leaders, teachers and student support staff. After assessing existing practices, Turnaround’s team develops school-specific action plans to build a multi-tiered system of support to address challenges. Turnaround trains school staff in weekly professional development sessions, supported by one-on-one coaching, in tools and strategies that increase engagement in learning, build healthy relationships with adults and peers and accelerate academic growth.

Leadership Team Capacity Building

Turnaround consults with individual schools to provide hands-on support and coaching to their leadership teams. In this “train-the-trainer” model, Turnaround uses a diagnose-and-prescribe method to develop a plan for improvement. The organization then builds the capacity of leadership team members to train, observe and coach their own staff using Turnaround tools and practices. Turnaround monitors progress through its proprietary Schoolwide Environmental Assessment Tool (SEAT) via school walk-throughs, classroom observations and surveys of staff and students.

School Leader Development

Turnaround offers a set of monthly learning sessions throughout the school year to cohorts of leaders from multiple schools such as administrators, teacher leaders and student support professionals. These trainings equip participants to effectively diagnose challenges in their own schools; develop and improve tiered student support systems and interventions; and train and support their own staffs to implement Turnaround’s strategies and practices.

Systems Consulting

Turnaround partners with system-level leaders, including – but not limited to – districts, states and charter management organizations to build understanding and urgency around the need to address the impact of adversity on healthy development and learning. Turnaround offers guided learning and consulting sessions to help leaders diagnose and improve system-level policies and initiatives focused on healthy student development.

Thought Leadership and Awareness Building

Turnaround builds awareness about the impact of adversity on learning and connects educators to tools and practices that can mitigate these challenges to ensure healthy student development and academic achievement for all children. At conferences, convenings, panel presentations, webinars and workshops across the country, Turnaround shares insights and knowledge with educators, mental health professionals, policymakers, philanthropists, thought leaders and researchers.


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