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Gretchen Livesey

Director, Partner Impact


Gretchen Livesey is a Director of Partner Impact at the Center for Whole-Child Education, a part of Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fultton Teachers College. She is based in California’s Bay Area.

At the Center for Whole-Child Education, Gretchen collaborates with educators at all levels (state, county, district, network, school and classroom) to build stakeholder capacity to drive equitable whole-child thriving.

Gretchen first joined the organization, originally known as Turnaround for Children, in 2017, in Washington D.C. She managed the organization’s partnership with KIPP DC and delivered professional learning to DC Public Schools leaders. Prior to joining Turnaround, Gretchen was the Linked Learning Director for the Oakland Unified School District in California. Her greatest accomplishment in that role was leading the team that crafted the blueprint for high school redesign, funded by a local property tax, that ensured 10 years of public financing to improve outcomes for Oakland students.

Through her 30 years of service in education, Gretchen has been a high school English and filmmaking teacher, a curriculum writer, an instructional coach, a small school founder and a leader at both the school and district levels.

Gretchen earned an M.S. in Educational Leadership at California State University, East Bay, a B.A. in English and a teaching credential at the University of California at Santa Barbara.