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Katie Brackenridge

Partnership Director

Katie Brackenridge joined Turnaround for Children in 2019 as a Partnership Director. Katie has worked in and with schools, school districts and community organizations for her entire career. Most recently, she was an independent consultant focused on improving learning conditions and social-emotional supports for young people through public school systems. Before becoming a consultant, Katie was the Vice President of Programs at the Partnership for Children & Youth (PCY), a nonprofit intermediary organization focused on improving practice and policy for after-school and summer programs in public schools and affordable housing. In her 14 years at PCY, Katie led local and statewide initiatives to improve program practice and promote policies to make after-school and summer programs more accessible and effective.

Katie’s work is grounded in her nine-year experience as Co-Executive Director for the Jamestown Community Center, a grassroots youth organization in the Mission District of San Francisco. Katie has a BA from Williams College and an MPP from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

What book has influenced you most?

The Dot, a children’s book by Peter Reynolds. It’s about a girl whose teacher inspires her to embrace her artistic talent. I love the honest assessment of learning as both a risky and rewarding endeavor.

What motivates you?

I get excited about hearing and learning from different experiences, ideas and perspectives. For me, this is the best part of working directly with young people, and I find my enthusiasm translates directly to collaborating with adults.

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