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News and Opinion Jul 1, 2020

The New Three Rs Cited by Sheila Ohlsson Walker, Ph.D. in EdSurge

Photo Credit: Jess Rodrigues / Shutterstock

The New Three Rs framework from Turnaround for Children was cited in the EdSurge article, “Teachers Are Living in a Tinderbox of Stressful Conditions. These Scientific Approaches Can Help,” by Sheila Ohlsson Walker, Ph.D.

In the article, Ohlsson Walker explains how the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the economic fallout and ongoing civil unrest rooted in years of systemic racism and oppression of people of Color, is causing “epidemic levels” for stress and a loss of morale for students and teachers alike.

Ohlsson Walker explains that in order for teachers to ensure academic reengagement and to support student health and well-being when schools reopen, teachers must “place their own oxygen masks on first” and address their own emotional, mental and physical needs.

To restore a sense of control amidst the uncertainty, Ohlsson Walker recommends that educators adopt The New Three Rs. She notes:

By creating routines that promote health and reduce stress, and by prioritizing high-quality supportive relationships, teachers can build resilience—arguably the most important skill we can both embody and also model for our children and students during this chapter in time. The new 3Rs (relationships, routines and resilience) can restore a sense of control amid uncertainty and equip young people with skills and mindsets that pay dividends—on myriad developmental levels—for life.

Read the full article on EdSurge.

The article was also highlighted in a “Weekly Tip Sheet” by America Forward.