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News and Opinion Jul 29, 2020

The Three Rs Included in the BELE Network Guidance for Building Equitable Learning Environments This Fall

Photo credit: BELE Network

Turnaround for Children’s Resources For The Three Rs was included in The Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network‘s list of curated best practices and resources for educators looking to integrate equitable design practices into their back to school planning.

The guide which offers guidance for superintendents, district leaders, school leaders, teachers, community members and others, is broken up into four sections:

  1. The BELE Framework 
  2. Incorporating Social and Emotional Learning in Your Schools
  3. Creating Systemic Change in Your Community
  4. Additional Resources

It includes resources from Science of Learning and Development Alliance, Transcend Education, Summit Public Schools, America Forward and many more.

See the complete list of resources here.