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News and Opinion May 20, 2020

Turnaround and Pamela Cantor, M.D. Cited By The Michigan Chronicle


Turnaround for Children was cited in the Michigan Chronicle article, “Caring for our kids during COVID-19,” by Terry Whitfield of The Skillman Foundation.

In the article, Whitfield explains the “COVID-19 paradox” as coined by Dr. Cantor: “to maintain physical safety, we have sacrificed emotional safety—namely, human connection needed to maintain socioemotional health.”

Whitfield names The Three Rs – relationships, routines and resilience – which offer ways adults and youth-serving systems can support the emotional well-being of young people and and buffer the trauma and stress they may experience during this time.

Whitfield shares his own examples of how adults can provide support through mentorship organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, after-school programs, or by developing a rapport with the youth on your block.

Whitfield’s article also appeared in the Black News Portal.