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News and Opinion Sep 8, 2020

Turnaround Cited in Article by Forum for Youth Investment Readiness Projects


Turnaround for Children was cited in a recent article by The Forum for Youth Investment Readiness Projects, which was published on Medium

The article, When Everything is Different: Act Different, frames the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to reevaluate the current education system. The authors emphasize the need for a more holistic approach to learning; bringing together schools, parents and communities to encompass all the new environments in which young people learn today. 

Highlighting the science that points to the impact of strong relationships on educational outcomes, Turnaround’s The Three Rs were cited as a resource to aid in this transformative time. 

From the article: 

Turnaround for Children has developed Resources for the Three R’s: Relationships, Routines and Resilience, with materials for use by parents and educators during the pandemic and beyond.

Read the full article here