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News and Opinion Dec 9, 2021

Turnaround Contributes to Gradient Learning Report on Technology in Student-Teacher Relationships

Photo credit: Gradient Learning

Gradient Learning released “From Crisis to Creativity,” a white paper that examines the role of technology in fostering student-teacher relationships, which includes contributions from Turnaround for Children.

The paper examines the importance of developmental relationships and how, when used effectively, technology can help foster and maintain these relationships by allowing teachers to connect with their students in new and exciting ways. Highlighting the science behind relationships and learning, the authors cite the Design Principles for Schools playbook, developed by Turnaround and the Learning Policy Insitutue in association with the Forum for Youth Investment. The paper explores how the pandemic reinforced the profound impact developmental relationships have on social, emotional, cognitive, and academic outcomes, with insights from Turnaround Chief Applied Science Officer, Christina Theokas, Ph.D.:

“Research clearly documents human relationships and supportive developmental experiences are what cultivate potential in young people. We know that no part of the brain develops in isolation—meaning there is no separate “math” part of the brain or “emotions” part of the brain; they are inextricably linked,” said Dr. Christina Theokas, Chief Applied Science Officer at Turnaround for Children.

Read the white paper here.