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News and Opinion Nov 19, 2020

Turnaround Featured in Forbes Article on School Innovation

Image credit: Tom Vander Ark/Forbes

Turnaround for Children was featured in the article, “Eight Ways New Schools Innovate” in Forbes.

The article, written by Tom Vander Ark, discusses how the renewed interest in new school models following transitions to remote and hybrid learning during COVID-19, along with significant progress in the science of learning and development, have led to an opportunity for education innovation.

Citing the Guiding Principles for Equitable Whole-Child Design as a framework for designing new learning environments and standards, the article goes on to list the key dimensions of innovative schools. These features include adjusting learning outcomes, a focus on social and emotional learning and creating equitable and inclusive school environments.

From the article:

The opportunity to design schools to promote whole child development is expressed in a framework from Turnaround for Children. The five design principles include “positive relationships, environments filled with safety and belonging, integrated supports, the intentional development of critical skills, mindsets and habits that all successful learners have, and rich meaningful instructional experiences so that students discover what they are capable of.”

The article also cites the Building Blocks for Learning as a framework for redefining student success.

Read the full article here.