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News and Opinion May 26, 2021

Turnaround Featured in Restorative Restart: The Path Towards Reimagining and Rebuilding Schools

Turnaround for Children was featured in the report, “Restorative Restart: The Path Towards Reimagining and Rebuilding Schools.”

Developed by Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), the report notes the impact of COVID-19 on all students, but particularly students of color, those from low-income families, English learners, and other marginalized communities, and outlines opportunities to rebuild more equitable education systems as schools begin to reopen. It outlines 14 critical action areas to lay the groundwork for systemic transformation, including centering relationships, prioritizing racial equity, and understanding whole-child needs.

The report features whole-child design resources from Turnaround, including Strategies to Build Relationships with Students and the section on Developmental Relationships from our Toolbox.

Read the full report here.