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News and Opinion Mar 30, 2016

Turnaround featured in The 74

How ‘Turnaround for Children’ Uses Science to Build Social, Emotional Skills in At-Risk Students

The 74Turnaround is building on its past work just as a national push toward measuring students’ social and emotional skills climbs into higher gear. Under the new federal education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), states are now required to test students on at least one non-academic measure, such as school climate and safety, student engagement or access to and participation in advanced coursework. The law leaves it up to states to decide how to measure these skills and which ones matter most.

Former U.S. Deputy Education Secretary James Shelton III, an advisor and friend of Cantor’s for several years, said he believes the work she’s leading at Turnaround “has the power to be transformational.”

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